Pet Cancer Treatments

Every pet owner dreads the “C” word. Unfortunately, it can happen to them just like it can happen to us. At Westside Pet Hospital, we offer your pet a range of treatment options.

If you choose conventional radiation and chemotherapy, we can help lessen the incidence of vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, etc. Studies have proven that acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements and food therapy can improve success rates and reduce the negative side effects of traditional treatment.

We can also devise a more natural cancer treatment plan. Our hope is to cure the cancer, but sometimes, even the knowledge that we can make your remaining time together as comfortable as possible gives you the encouragement and your pet the added strength to endure this trying time. For more information on alternative cancer treatments for your pet, call Westside Pet Hospital today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cancer Treatments:

How does alternative medicine treat cancer?
The goal of using alternative medicine to treat cancer is two-fold. One goal is to stimulate the pet’s immune system to recognize cancer cells and destroy them. The other aim is to shrink tumor size.
Another important aspect of alternative treatments for cancer is to minimize the side-effects from chemotherapy.

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