Pet Nutrition, Diet & Food Therapy

Food therapy is the practice of healing using natural foods along with or instead of medications and herbs. Food therapy is the preparation of selected food ingredients to treat specific health conditions.

A healthy diet promotes a healthy digestive system which aids in the treatment and prevention of disease. Herbs and spices are commonly added to certain recipes to aid in the digestion of food. Ever notice how hungry you are a couple of hours after eating at a Chinese restaurant? This is because ginger is used in most dishes to promote digestion and the emptying of the stomach.

Food therapies are commonly used to help treat skin problems, digestive problems, and respiratory problems. In severe, long-standing problems, a home prepared diet is used to better control the type and quality of the ingredients. For more information on food therapy for your pet, call Westside Pet Hospital!

Nutritional Counseling for Pets

Nutritional counseling is an ongoing process in which we work with you to assess your pet’s dietary needs and identify areas where change is beneficial. Common problems related to commercial diets include obesity, skin disease and digestive problems. We provide information, educational materials, support, and follow-up to help make and maintain the needed dietary changes. For more information on nutritional counseling for your pet, call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Food and Nutrition Counseling:

How do I know if I’m feeding my pet well?
The first part of every comprehensive physical exam at Westside Pet Hospital is a discussion about what and how much your pet eats. Your pet is weighed and optimal body condition is discussed followed by is a discussion about your pet’s current diet and its appropriateness for your pet.

Can diet help treat my pet’s medical problems?
Proper diets play an important aspect of treating chronic medical conditions: low salt diets for pets with heart conditions, restricted protein diets for kidney issues, raw and dehydrated food for skin disease to name a few.

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