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Our pets need dental care too. Bad breath, a change in food preference, pawing at the mouth, or drooling indicate it’s time to have their teeth examined.

Dental procedures such as teeth cleaning, sealants and extractions are the same for dogs and cats as for us humans. The only difference is that pets must be sedated to ensure their cooperation. Be assured that Westside Pet Hospital makes the safety of your pet our utmost priority. Before any dental procedure, they receive an extensive physical exam, needed pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and if indicated, radiographs to fully evaluate any potential risk factors.

The safest sedation, induction and maintenance procedures are tailored for your pet. While under our care they are continually monitored by trained veterinary technicians and with extensive monitoring equipment that includes blood pressure, EKG, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation.

pet-teeth-cleaning-pet-dentist-bend-oregonWe use the COHAT approach: Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment. Your pet will have their teeth examined and charted, followed by a professional dental cleaning. Once dental tartar is removed, any additional lesions are noted, intraoral radiographs are taken to show problems below the gumline, and a treatment plan is devised and instituted according to your wishes.

Your pet goes home with a bright smile, fresh breath, and instructions on how to keep those teeth white. For more information on dental care for your pet, contact our office staff today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Teeth Cleaning:

My groomer says they can clean my dog’s teeth without anesthesia. Why can’t you?
Anesthesia is needed to fully clean the teeth. Humans don’t need anesthesia for teeth cleaning because we can be told to sit in a chair for an hour with our mouth open and not wiggle.

An important part of proper teeth cleaning is to remove plague and tartar from under the gingival margin. This attachment between gum and tooth is very delicate. Any movement by the pet during this part of the procedure may cause damage to this area.

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