Spay & Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pet is a routine procedure that we take very seriously at Westside Pet Hospital. We perform a full physical examination to make sure your pet is healthy for this anesthetic procedure. We recommend a pre-anesthetic laboratory profile to evaluate proper organ function. We use the safest anesthetic agents and continually monitor your pet’s heart rhythm, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate throughout the procedure. We also use pain management medication before, during and after your pet goes home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spaying and Neutering Pets:

At what age should I spay or neuter my pet?
That is a very good question and the answer has changed in recent years.
Cats are usually spayed/neutered after four months of age. For dogs it depends on their ultimate size. For small breeds, we recommend nine months or older. For larger dogs, we recommend at least twelve months of age. Fourteen months or older is best.

Are there any long term effects of altering at the proper age?
The most noticeable is weight gain. After they have been altered they require 30% less energy from food. You can prevent weight gain by feeding the appropriate amount and type of food.
A small number of female dogs may leak urine as they age. This condition can be controlled with medication.

I hear that other countries don’t spay or neuter their pets like in the United States. Why should I fix my animals?
The most important reason is to reduce the number of unwanted animals. Humane societies are overcrowded with pets from irresponsible owners.
Fixing animals can reduce the incidence of hormone-induced cancer such as breast tumors.
Neutering male dogs may decrease aggression. Neutered male cats and dogs may have less desire to urine mark and roam.

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