Vaccinations for Your Pet

pet-vaccine-veterinarian-bend-orVaccines are mainstay protection to keep your pet healthy. The incidence of devastating diseases such as Distemper, Parvo, and Rabies has been virtually eliminated by proper vaccination protocols.

There are vaccines for many diseases. At Westside Pet Hospital, a vaccine protocol is determined during your pet’s examination to address potential exposure to disease agents in your pet’s environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Vaccination:

Can I have titers run on my pet to see if they have protective immunity?
Titers are a simple blood test to determine if your pet has protective immunity.

How often does my pet need vaccines?
Proper vaccine protocols consider the age of the pet, the risk of exposure, health status, and the type of vaccine. Your pet’s individualized vaccine protocol will be determined during an examination.

I heard that vaccines can make them sick.
On rare occasions, pets can have side effects caused by the vaccine. Usually, it’s nothing more serious than not feeling well for a day. Dr. Shaw has several alternative medicine options to reverse those untoward reactions.

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